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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this morning japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the ra good morning? >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. your time coming up on 6:00. this morning arranges japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the level of the crisis to a 5. charlie? >> reporter: the head of the u.n.'s nuclear agency said today that workers have to race around the clock in order to prevent a meltdown and fewer watching closely as these people. they were evacuated from the area around the nuclear power plant. many fear they will never make it back home. >> reporter: firetruckss resumed blasting water onto japan's crippled nuclear power plant as crews raced to restore power to the facility. as early as today, they hoped to feed electricity to at least two of the six overheated reactors and get crucial water pumps working again. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound and then the power comes on, then we might look at that moment as the beginning of the end of this crisis. >> reporter: but even if the power starts back up, it's not clear the water pumps will.
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they may have already suffered too much damage. there are also fears that getting power back online could spark another explosion. smoke billowed again from one reactor today. water in the spent fuel pools is so close to running dry that in one unit, fuel rods are believed to be at least partially exposed and could spew harmful radiation. many of the people taking shelter here come from the danger zone near the nuclear plant. having survived the earthquake and tsunami, they were ordered to evacuate their homes because of a nuclear threat. this woman lived less than 10 miles from the plant. nine months pregnant with a 2-year-old son, she left at the first sign of trouble there. >> i didn't think it was safe, she says, so i decided to leave early. >> reporter: she says she hopes she left in time to save her children. today marks one week since the quake and tsunami threw japan into crisis. this morning across the country, people paused in silence to
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honor the victims and reflect on a disaster that transformed their country and their lives forever. charlie d'agata, cbs 5. the u.s. navy has established a heightened awareness of 100 nautical miles around the stricken nuclear power plant. any pilots flying missions there will have to take potassium iodide and be screened for radiation when it they return. live in niigata, japan, i'm charlie d'agata, back to you >> charlie, frank mallicoat here in san francisco. curious, how far are you now from the epicenter of sendai? and can you share some of the stories you have heard from some of the refugees behind you? how are they doing? >> reporter: yes. we're about 80 miles i would say west o sendai and fukushima dai-ichi is in the other direction. most of the people here are from the fukushima area and i think we have to remember that
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the region where the power plant is was already struck by an earthquake and tsunami that damaged the power plant itself. so they were affected by the earthquake. they survived the earthquake. they survived the tsunami. some of the people we spoke to lived within 10 miles of the fukushima plant. one woman with a child, she is nine months pregnant, 2-year- old child, she wasn't waiting for the government to tell her to leave. at the first sign of trouble, she left as you saw in that package. others here, a single mother with a 10-year-old child, said she left in a hurry and wished she had gone back for more personal belongings and effects. she only has three photographs of her child. so that's the situation. they are worried. they are hoping, obviously, as we all are, that we're far enough away from the plant if something large happens and the wind changes direction towards this area. frank? >> charlie, this is sydnie. the japanese government is admitting just now that they
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were really overwhelmed by this deadly disaster. what are the people's thoughts about the government and the information they are getting from the government? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting is it's the first time that the government is taking aa more pro-active approach. the prime minister went on air today and said that full disclosure -- he said we have been sharing all the information that we know about what's going on at that plant all along. i can tell you that we are getting many more updates. but, yes, saying that they have been overwhelmed. they have said that they are accepting help from the u.s. military. this is kind of a cultural thing. japan generally doesn't make public the fact that it needs help from other countries. but now asking the u.s. military for its help and expertise with the problem. there is a deep skepticism here in japan that the government hasn't been sharing enough information. certainly people here evacuated from that nuclear power plant -- their voluntary evacuations, they don't trust they are
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getting the clear picture, very concerned about the events that they are unfold, that they are watching 24 hours a day on television. so there are deep skepticism and concern that they hope that they are outside an area, where they will be safe. >> they don't want mass panic but i think full disclosure now is paramount to be sure. okay, charlie d'agata, thanks so much, live in japan. >> thank you. scientists at uc-berkeley are detecting radioactive from japan and some of the tiny particles are falling here in the bay area. let's go to don knapp, he is at the bay area air quality management district in san francisco. they are monitoring our air. >> reporter: they are. just about all the experts we're hearing from are telling us that the radiation from japan is not likely to get to the united states, but if it does, it would be at levels too
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low to pose any health risks. however, the bay area air quality management district says its measurements show that radiation is not rising above background levels and that suggests perhaps that they are not seeing radiation from japan. the state of california health department is also saying that it would be unlikely that anything would get across the ocean that it would dissipate before it got here but if it got here it wouldn't pose a health risk. yesterday the surgeon general of the united states was here in the bay area at uc-berkeley and was asked about the safety concerns. >> we're exposed to radiation every day in our world, in our society. but they are at levels that are not harmful. and the harmful levels won't come here. so i think listen out for your local and state health department. the government is constantly monitoring and if there is ever any concern we'll certainly get that information to you
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quickly. right now that's not -- you're not at risk. >> meanwhile, sydnie, as you noted, the university of california scientists have already detected radiation that they say is coming from japan. they say it's a whole variety of different kinds of particles, nuclear particles, but they say it's all in such small quantities it's not likely to cause any health risks. when you ask for a comparison they say it is no different than flying cross-country on an airliner the amount of exposure you would get. >> thank you, don knapp in san francisco. there is skepticism here as well because despite health officials saying there is no risk from the radiation falling here, it is still causing panic. first there was that run on potassium iodide tablets. and now the owner of a military supply company in maine says he has been inundated with orders for gas masks and chemical suits from people here in california. he says hundreds of gas masks have been ordered since this weekend. if you want to help the victims of the quake and tsunami, you can log on to our
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website, click on "links and numbers" for a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief. 6:07 on your friday. grab the umbrella because it's wet this morning. it's going to be wet saturday. it's going to be wet sunday and monday. tuesday looks okay. >> here's lawrence all wet! [ laughter ] >> yeah. i got the doom and gloom. ♪ [ music ] >> this keeps coming. pretty unusual, here we are in a la nina year, you think we'll see below rainfall, it hasn't happened. we are running above and we continue with the showers outside right now. pretty good cell making its way into the pacifica area right into linda mar. you can see a good cell rotating through here. going to see more of that on the way throughout the day, likely to be picking up. these are just really some showers out ahead of the main cold front and that's going to be pushing onshore in the next few hours. so as the system rolls in for today, yup, it's going to be raining and over the weekend we are looking at more rain, too. temperatures mainly in the 50s. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms staying
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unsettled, very wet through the weekend. heavy rain, potential, towards sunday. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. we're all holding out for tuesday. for right now, you know, no new incidents since our last traffic report about eh, about 15 minutes ago. so overall doing well despite the wet weather, a wet start to our morning commute. here's a live look through milpitas. 880/237, coming around the bend, traffic heading towards san jose. so far, so good. a six-minute drive time on westbound 237 between 880 and 101. the past couple of days, westbound 24 has been backed up through lafayette. accidents jammed things. so far that's not the case. nice ride on westbound 24 toward the caldecott tunnel and southbound 680 smooth there as well through the san ramon valley. back to you. >> ♪ [ music ] we continue to follow breaking news this out of libya. the foreign minister says the country is declaring a cease-
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fire and stopping military operations against rebels there. government forces have been fighting rebels trying to oust leader moammar qaddafi. the move comes a day after the u.n. approved a no-fly zone over the country. just hours after qaddafi closed the country's airspace. meanwhile, there are reports now just coming in that four "new york times" journalists captured in libya will be released. good news there. 6:10. a major loophole in pipeline safety. the emergency order two lawmakers are asking for now. >> plus, you want to buy one of the most reliable cars on the market? why you shouldn't look too far. that and much more coming up.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. be done... about what they call a "loophole" in gas pipeline controls. anne makovec is in san where last yea california's two u.s. senators say something has to be done about what they call a loophole in the gas pipeline controls. >> anne makovec is in san bruno, where last year's deadly explosion put pipeline safety in the spot line. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the only good thing that can come from the disaster here in san bruno is learning from it to hopefully prevent more explosions in the future. and that's why two u.s. senators are saying that something needs to change immediately. it is what they call a loophole
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in the current pipeline law that allows -- or that may have contributed to this disaster because right now, utility operators like pg&e can spike pressure levels on their lines above legal safety limits. and basically avoid blowing the whistle on themselves as long as it doesn't stay that way for five consecutive days. now, most of the times that pg&e has spiked the pressures on their lines it's been only for 2 to 3 hours. now, they are required to keep records of pressure spikes but not report it to the feds. and dianne feinstein and barbara boxer want them to be required to make that federal report. they sent a letter to the u.s. pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration saying, quote, we urge you to issue this order immediately under your existing emergency authority to protect public safety. and we have been hearing a lot about their dealings with the public utilities commission, which is the state regulatory agency over utilities and some of our local representatives at
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the state level have been pressuring the public utilities commission. this is a significant move if it transpires on the federal level and it could happen quickly because we're talking about an emergency order. frank and sydnie? >> okay, anne makovec live at san bruno, thank you very much. our time now 6:15. fourth graders getting sick from cocaine. we'll tell you how it got into their classroom. >> and sent to work nearly 7 years ago, the first its kind spacecraft orbiting mercury and what we could learn from this historic mission when we come back. getting ready to plant?
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cases... related to a drug investigatio it is 6:18. let's take a look at today's top stories. about a dozen cases related to a drug investigation in contra costa county will be dropped. all of them involve arrests by the county's central narcotics task force. the former commander faces felony drug charges for allegedly conspiring to sell stolen drug evidence. a federal judge ruling prosecutors cannot use 11 voicemail messages against barry bonds in the slugger's perjury trial. prosecutors argue that those messages showed bonds was suffering from 'roid rage but the judge said the messages at most were marginal. and more rain is expected in the monterey bay area as
6:19 am
caltrans assesses a collapsed section of highway 1. a two- mile stretch of the highway near big sur will be closed for a month so they can make a temporary repair after the road gave way this week. that ground is very saturated now. we could have more problems with mud slides through the weekend. we are on stormwatch. we have a system just making its way onshore right now. seeing some of these prefrontal showers showing up already and san francisco you have a good cell moving in right now heading in this direction stretching in across parts of the south bay into oakland. alameda you're seeing rain up in that direction, too. you're seeing pockets of moderate amounts of rain so be careful traveling on the roads this morning. it's slick out there and that rain will be picking up in a hurry. speaking of picking up, through the day today, you will see more rain on the way. you are going to see gusty winds developing. a lot of clouds in the skies but by about the middle of the day the main cold front going to start to slide through. that will bring with it periods of heavier amounts of rainfall. the possibility of isolated
6:20 am
thunderstorms and maybe snow across some of the highest peaks at about 3,000 feet. so you got some clouds out ahead of the main cold front here the warm front but the main cold front will bring the band of heavier rainfall through the day today. so plan on a wet one of the there are more showers over the weekend into saturday. then this low is going to drop right down park itself off the coastline, pick up some moisture and that will be coming in for sunday. pretty good soaker come sunday. so yeah the threat of more of those mud slides around the bay area a real possibility. main cold front diving through the bay area today. if you have lunchtime plans, the main cold front is moving through, heavier amounts of rainfall by the afternoon, at least late in the day, breaks off with more showers with the possibility of more isolated thunderstorms outside. and then overnight showers continue. temperatures in the 50s. over the next seven days, by the way, looking toward spring now as we are ending winter on a very, very wet note with rain
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continuing. sunday the first day of spring, showers on monday, more rain the middle of next week. let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. i came in this morning thinking it was going to be very busy, usually when it's wet like this we see tons of accidents and incidents. not the case though. friday light across the bay area. here's a snapshot taken of the san mateo bridge. traffic 13 minutes is your drive time from hayward out towards foster city. chp did issue this one rain and wind advisory. they are telling drivers, asking drivers to slow down this morning on highway 17 as you make your way out of the santa cruz mountains near the summit. they have got the cms warning signs out there so if you are commuting towards los gatos, just take it extra easy but again no incidents or hot spots to tell you about. here's a live look at conditions heading out of downtown san jose in those northbound lanes of 280. nice drive so far as you approach the 880 interchange. no big accidents or problems to tell you about there or in the east bay. this is a live look at the nimitz freeway. our camera was rocking and
6:22 am
rolling earlier. so obviously indicating some pretty gusty conditions. but so far, looking good in both directions northbound and southbound 880 between hayward and the macarthur maze. there is a look at your drive time, 15 minutes for that stretch. all right. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we just checked and the metering lights remain off. coming off the bridge, it still looks okay. my producer gianna is working to get you this shot of the fremont street exit but at the bay bridge toll plaza right now we are delay-free. and the metering lights again off as you approach the pay gates. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. a school recommended for the president's daughters in the hot seat this morning in a big way. how cocaine got into the hands of several fourth graders there. all coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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efforts at a bay area science lab. a team of phys time now 6:25. an unprecedented project in space is under way right now thanks to efforts at a bay area science lab. a team of physicists at the lawrence livermore national laboratory placed a gamma ray spectrometer on a nasa spacecraft 7 years. now it's making its first orbit around mercury. the spectrometer is poised to gather groundbreaking information about gamma rays emitted from the surface of the
6:26 am
planet that's closest to the sun. >> gamma rays are like high energy x-rays and they act as a fingerprint for the elements that give them off. >> the scientist hope their findings will help others with their missions here on earth to detect radioactive material. >> looking for the most reliable car on the market? buy american. a lincoln apparently holds the top spot in the annual j.d. power survey. lexus, jaguar, porsche and toyota round out the top 5. they found new electronic features cause the most problems. >> that's true. >> yeah. get all those gadgets that start to go hey wear. mommy, there was naughty medicine at the school. that's what a child told her mother at school. a fourth great student at a prestigious washington, d.c. elementary school brought cocaine it class yesterday and
6:27 am
four other kids got sick after sniffing or swallowing some of it, they had sore throats but apparently no other symptoms. >> the student who allegedly brought the drugs is charged with possession. the school thompson elementary school was once recommended for president obama's daughters. >> somebody's in trouble. >> in a big way. it is 6:27. coming up we have breaking news out of libya. the cease-fire just moments ago. >> and in japan, the new death toll. the plea for help. and the increased nuclear threat level. scientists at lawrence livermore national laboratory and uc-berkeley detect the radiation from those reactors in japan. they say there is nothing to worry about. we'll talk about it coming up. >> the request for an emergency order that could prevent disasters like the one here in san bruno. the latest coming up. ur endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking feveryday.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. it is friday, march 18. i'm sydnie kohara. >> we thank you. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. good day to watch a little basketball, not such a good day to be outside because it's going to be raining a lot. right, lawrence? >> i was saying yes, the march
6:31 am
madness continues weather-wise. we are seeing showers out there now and yeah, it's going to be heavy around the bay area. really good day to stay inside. just scattered showers right now around the bay area but even some of those pockets you have some moderate amounts of rain out there into the oakland area, berkeley, orinda, good rainfall right now. they have been rotating on and off throughout the morning hours. but it's going to be really picking up throughout the day. we are going to talk about that. more in a minute. let check your traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are just getting' new accident coming in. one of the first of the morning, actually. eastbound 580 past 101 in san rafael. an accident involving a flatbed tow truck lost some debris and then that debris hit a car. we understand the flatbed tow truck is off to the shoulder now. so we are not sure about lanes blocked. not seeing any slowing yet across that stretch. our closest camera is showing you southbound 101 traffic near the 580 interchange where that looks okay right now as you head towards mill valley. more traffic coming up in the meantime back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:31. the official count of those
6:32 am
killed by the earthquake and tsunami in japan is now more than 6500. and thousands more still missing. japan admits it didn't have a plan to deal with the disaster like this a week ago. they are now asking for the help of the united states in dealing with the nuclear crisis and again today, fire trucks blasting water on that disabled power plant and they hope to get electric power restored soon to get crucial water pumps working once again. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound and then the power comes on, then we might look at that moment as the beginning of the end of this crisis. >> today, japan raced the level of this crisis from a 4 to a 5 on the international scale, meaning it has consequences that go beyond the local area around the power plant. and radioactive fallout has reached southern california. a few minutes ago a diplomat
6:33 am
with access to u.n. radiation tracking says the readings about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening, good news. air monitoring efforts are going on in our area. don knapp has more. that's good news, huh, don. >> reporter: it is. we are hearing similar things from the university of california-berkeley and lawrence livermore national laboratory. meanwhile here at the bay area air quality management district, they have very sensitive radiation monitors and say that they have not yet seen anything above background levels so everything is fairly safe but a lot of people are making a run on these tablets that supposedly protect you from radiation sickness by going after the thyroid. these are potassium iodide tablets and yesterday, the u.s. surgeon general vice admiral regina benjamin was in the bay area and was asked about the wisdom of taking those tablets. >> there is no reason to go and
6:34 am
start stockpiling. there is no reason to take the pills. there is no immediate risk. so it's important that you understand not to. there are some side effects. there are some risks if you are allergic. there are some other things. so you don't want to do things that are unnecessary. >> reporter: scientists at uc- berkeley have detected radiation materials from the japanese nuclear power plant problems and right here in the bay area. but they say also that the levels are very, very low, no health risk and compared to flying cross-country in an airliner. they say the level of exposure to radiation is no higher than that. >> thank you, don knapp in san francisco. we are following a developing story in libya. the country's foreign minister says his country is declaring an immediate cease-fire and is
6:35 am
stopping all military operations. forces loyal to colonel moammar qaddafi have been fighting rebels for five weeks but the u.n. security council authorized a no-fly zone and other air strikes if necessary, yesterday. the foreign minister says that move is a violation of libya's sonty. there are reports that four -- sovereignty. there are reports that four "new york times" journalists captured in libya will be released. we have a wet friday, super soaker weekend and some basketball. it's of the perfect weekend. >> i think it is, yeah. good reason to stay indoors throw on the tv and enjoy, folks. got a lot of basketball coming. we have a lot of rain outside. and it's going to get heavy at times today. hi-def doppler is showing you some of the rainfall moving around. it's been scattered but we have had pockets of some pretty good amounts of rainfall as hi-def super zoom, cells into oakland and berkeley. they are rotating on and off so the roads very wet this morning. it's going to be picking up throughout the day today.
6:36 am
that main cold front going to be moving onshore bringing with it the rainfall, especially in through the middle of the day. showers continuing into saturday and then another heavy band sunday. temperatures in the 50s today with that rain and the possibility of some thunderstorms. unsettled wet weather continuing right into spring which starts on sunday. showers continuing on monday, more rain next wednesday and thursday. but you know what? doesn't matter to elizabeth. she has been watching that bracket very closely. she is going to watch basketball all day long. >> right n doors. am i going to do that? i think i am going to do that today, actually, i should, if i can pretend to be a sports fan this weekend. eastbound 580 just past 101 a crash, still not blocking lanes. a flatbed truck dropped debris that hit a car. a mess in the eastbound lanes of 580. not sure about lanes blocked. richmond/san rafael bridge westbound 580 okay heading into
6:37 am
marin. at the bay bridge toll plaza they just turned the metering lights on a couple of minutes ago so we are left with this, not too bad, no big backups heading into san francisco. we are seeing a little standing water in the middle lanes so take it easy or use mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. california's u.s. senators calling for a change to federal controls of gas pipeline like the one that exploded in san bruno. let's go to anne makovec. she can explain what the senators are calling a loophole. anne, good morning. >> reporter: well, again, sydnie, this has to do with the pressure running through the lines. we know pg&e did spike the pressure on the line that ran underneath this neighborhood here in san bruno at least twice, once in 2003 and 2008. and there are questions about whether or not that might have weakened the line. the u.s. senators are talking about closing what they call a loophole in pipeline law that may have helped contribute to
6:38 am
this disaster. right now, utility operators like pg&e can spike pressure levels on their lines above legal safety limits and not report it to the feds, avoid blowing the whistle completely on themselves, as long as it doesn't stay that way for five consecutive days, although they are required to keep records of pressure spikes. so dianne feinstein and barbara boxer want utilities to also be required to report it as i mentioned. they sent a letter to the u.s. pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration saying, quote, we urge you toshiba u this order immediately -- we urge you to issue this order immediately under your existing emergency authority to protect public safety. they are asking for a emergency declaration from that federal organization. we talked a lot about the public utilities commission, the state-run organization. and we have heard from our local representatives appealing to that group to crack down on pg&e. and now we are taking it another step further on the federal level. no response from that agency. >> all right, anne makovec,
6:39 am
thank you. 6:38. the local surfing community paying tribute to one of the best big wave riders in the world. sion milosky died this week while riding a wave at mavericks point break and kcbs radio's matt bigler explains the surf's death raising some questions about a new jet ski water patrol out on the ocean. he joins us now live from san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. as you mentioned, we're talking about sion milosky. he was known as one of the best big wave riders in the entire world. the 35-year-old from hawaii died late wednesday during what's known as -- what's described as a record session at mavericks. the wave that he was on estimated around 50 feet. fellow surfer mike doboef says conditions on wednesday were extreme and dangerous even for the most experienced surfers. >> just watching it you can see
6:40 am
how the wave takes it, it goes straight to the bottom in spots. you get in the wrong spot at the wrong time you're going to get drilled. >> reporter: milosky leaves behind a wife and two daughters. now to what's being talked about today in the surfing community. there is talk about creating a -- a, uhm, a water patrol, sort of like a lifeguard patrol on jet skis. that would be funded by the surfers and patrol around mavericks and if a surfer wipes out and needs assistance, they can rescue him and do cpr or take him to the hospital right away. that's what happened in january when a photographer on a jet ski plucked a surfer who had been knocked unconscious by a wave, got him out of the water, took him to the shore and because of that action, he was saved. the issue with all of this is those jet skis are banned in the marine sanctuary -- i
6:41 am
should say the monterey bay marine sanctuariry, conservationists worried about the disruption of wildlife, like otters and seals. so if they do bring in jet skis, then it's going to have to be either underground or get an exemption. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> if it's going to save lives, sounds like a good idea to me. that's kcbs radio's matt bigler in san jose. thank you. 6:41. coming up the popular tech product out of silicon valley impacted by the disaster in japan. >> and the deal this morning that will keep bay to breakers running strong. that's trouble. ,, the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry.
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three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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yes, folks, we are on stormwatch on this friday. we have already seen showers around the bay area on and off and some of those moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall with the main event to come throughout the day today. let's get a closer look into the concord area, walnut creek, nice little cell moving through into pleasant hill and also into the concord area, as well. some of this moisture is going to continue to wrap on through and probably dry out for a little bit. but the main cold front is still working its way toward the bay area. and that is going to get things going throughout the day today. starting out cloudy skies everywhere. you have some pockets of rain
6:45 am
this morning. and the temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. we have seen some isolated lightning strikes, too, so watch out for that. by the afternoon i think that becomes more common place as the main cold front flies by. the winds will be gusty at times and high surf advisory at the coastline latter part of the day and tomorrow. looks like things will stay unsettled as this storm system approaches the coast. it's located right back here so it has a ways to go. as we head into the middle of the day heavier rainfall for today into the afternoon. for the weekend, looks like just some scattered showers to begin with, then this low drops in off the coastline, picks up a little more moisture, reorganizes and by sunday, we're talking about the potential for some more heavy rainfall. coming through pretty good today. if you have lunchtime plans, that's the cold front lingering right through the bay area. at noon, it will bring with it some heavy rain and gusty winds behind that. showers the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, too. and probably going to see some showers continue throughout the night tonight. temperatures running into the 50s outside so keeping you cool, snow levels down to 3,000
6:46 am
feet locally so could see a dusting of snow across the highest peaks. more rain on the way throughout the weekend. showers continuing into monday. and probably into wednesday and thursday, as well. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. i came into work today thinking we were going to have so many incidents to talk about, have a really rough start to the morning commute. it's definitely rainy and windy out there but it's also friday light. we haven't seen many problems on the road. just now seeing a few brakes through antioch our usual hotspot closer to a street but check out this ride coming out of the altamont pass. no delay, 15 minutes towards 680 and the dublin interchange. san mateo bridge, you are fine in either direction right now across the span. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, really slight delays here, as well. they turned the metering lights on. no wind or fog advisory for our bridges. but take it easy because as you
6:47 am
can see it's slick. we usually do a hi-5 segment. we have to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of our hi-5 segment. we have several previous ones. san francisco food bank, hi-5's are live at 6:45 every friday morning and feature chopper 5 flying over your group while you hi-5, wave, to thousands of our viewers. we will also feature group's photo on our neighborhood and twitter pages and that's what you're looking at right now. so they are a great way to promote local charities, school groups, an event, if you have a small business to promote, it helps you reach a wide audience so if you are interested, email us at that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:47. new this morning, a deal that will keep bay to breakers
6:48 am
running. redwood city-based zazzle is sponsoring the foot race for the next two years. the 100th running of the race set for may 15. but if you want to register, you're too late. it's already sold out. >> who registers. more economic fallout from the crisis in japan. >> and apple could have issues with its ipad. with more on the fallout and how the new york fed is getting involved, let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. we have a lot going on. world events really driving the stock market. rebounding again this morning. you mentioned the new york fed getting involved for the first time the currency market in ten years is joining other central banks as the g7 pledged to restrain the yen. that's damaging to the japanese export-driven economy and would make their products even more expensive as they try and come back from their economic and
6:49 am
environmental disaster. and also pushing the stock market higher this morning is word that libya's government has pledged to cease-fire in the face of a no-fly zone. that's got the dow right now up by 117 points. nasdaq is gaining 20. s&p is higher by 12. the dow also getting a boost from san jose-based cisco after it announced for the first time it was going to have a cash dividend. cisco shares up about 2%. you mentioned apple and it was first thought that they wouldn't have much of an impact from japan's crisis. but it turns out that three key components of the ipad are made in japan. the glass overlay display also the battery and electronic compass. the glass display overlay, though, seems to be the most critical because the company that makes that did suffer damage at some of its plants and while the electronic compass and battery are made by other companies, they will be
6:50 am
dealing with shipping disruption because of the damage to the infrastructure. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and see you next week. >> the waiting game continues, will there be a special election this june? >> the sticking point between the governor and republicans tax extensions. with a breakdown now of this political battle let's go to cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor and assembly speaker willie brown. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> well, do you think he has the votes or not? >> no, no. i don't think he has the votes and i don't think he can get the votes. the republicans are at convention this weekend. there is no way -- >> are you invited? >> no. not really. [ laughter ] but i could show up and be recognized. >> you might be one of the few in the building these days. republicans don't constitute big numbers here in the state of california. so how is it they have so much power on the vote of whether or
6:51 am
not it should go out ballot? >> it's clear the voters said budgets could be passed by majority votes but part of this requires two-thirds. >> that's got jerry brown looking for two-thirds to put it before voters? >> he doesn't have it at the moment. he has to get three senators on the republican side of the aisle or there about the. he doesn't have leland yee and he may not have rob wright. >> so even democrats aren't crazy about the idea. >> it's because he says abolish redevelopment agencies. >> question: you have been up there a number of times, you have wheeled and dealed. how do you ask somebody t commit political suicide? >> you have to make it convenient for them in death. you have to figure out how to satisfy them, you know, with -- >> send flowers to their funerals or something like
6:52 am
that? give them a job? >> an appointment? >> just keep in mind there was a guy named paul horcher who turned over for me. >> you made him the chief garbage collector. >> no coordinating activities between the mayor's office and the board of supervisors. >> garbage collectors. >> no. i wouldn't class it that way. but no, phil, you can have an opportunity and you can give an opportunity and it may translate into doing something. >> they say they want spending cap, pension reform -- >> they are not going to get any of that. democrats would be recalled if they did that. >> great. >> organized labor -- >> what if they vote -- and the other side will get recalled by organized labor if they vote for the spending cap. >> you know that organized labor will do it. you know that the other side will do it.expendables, they walk the plank that way.
6:53 am
>> what do they get? >> a judgeship. >> hillary clinton doesn't want to be secretary of state in the next four years. you have known he for years. is she going to run for president? >> not for any other office not in the near future. my guess is it that she could very easily end up being on the supreme court. she could end up being on the secretary of defense. she could end up being something differently than what she is. she is our number one diplomat. and believe me, that's a very tough job and she is doing it now better -- she is the best, by the way, in the cabinet. she is clearly the best. the republicans seem to accept her leadership on diplomatic issues more than the president. >> star power. she's the only one in the cabinet anybody would recognize if they walked down of th -- walked down the street. >> she would have made a great president as evidenced by her conduct currently. >> talk to you later. >> we could go a half hour with this, guys. good stuff. >> we'll have him back on
6:54 am
sunday with us. >> thank you, phil matier and willie brown. good stuff, thanks, guys. our time now 6:54. radioactive fallout from japan has just reached california. but how much of a threat is it? that's coming up. >> how some are stocking up on potassium iodide. if you have a comment, email fire shirt friday a shoutout to the san francisco fire department. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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hundred people are dead from last week's earthquake and tsunami. japan is pouring more water on its overheating nuclear power plant today. power could be resto new word from japan. more than 6900 people are dead from last week's earthquake and tsunami. they are pouring more water on the nuclear power plant today. power could be restored to pumps to help with the effort. radioactive fallout from japan has reached southern california. but a short time ago, a diplomat with access to u.n. data says it is a billion times below a level that would pose a threat to public health. let's go to don knapp at the bay area air quality management district in san francisco where they are monitoring our air, as well. don, good morning.
6:58 am
>> reporter: good morning. that's right. scientists at uc-berkeley and lawrence livermore national laboratory also finding those very minute amounts of radioactive fallout and also assuring us that there is no risk to public health. here it the bay area air quality management district, they say that their levels have been detected but they are below background levels which means the stuff that's around all the time and no risk. the state department of health saying that anything come from japan would be very dissipated and pose a low risk as far as health concerns are at risk here. and so also, we have been looking at these risks all morning and wondering about what's likely to happen. well, the scientists at berkeley tell us that if you were to fly across country in an airliner you would probably get more exposure than what you're getting overseas. so everyone tells us pretty safe. >> thank you, don knapp in san francisco. first there was a run on potassium iodide and now a run
6:59 am
on gas tablets. the owner of a military supply company in maine says he has hundreds of orders for gas masks and hazardous materials suits because of the radiation from people in california. more scattered showers continuing into parts of the east bay but look what's behind me, folks. we have the main cold front still to come and that's going to be pushing onshore in the next few hours so get ready, rain will be picking up for the better part of today. and it's going to continue on and off throughout the weekend. expect rain to be heavy at times on sunday, as well. showers continuing monday, more unsettled weather into next week. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. friday light across the bay area. we are actually doing well despite the wet conditions out there. here's a live look at 880 through oakland. quick trip this morning between hayward and downtown oakland. and you know what? at the bay bridge toll plaza, they have turned the metering lights on but we are really looking great. this is great for this time of the morning. no delay heading into san francisco. dohe


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